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HT5758.2 Vietnam lacquered coconut bowls with firework

Our new bamboo  and coconut bowl collection is perfect for all of your dining and entertaining needs. Beautifully designed in eye-catching colors and unique finishes, our bowls will brighten up your home décor.

Item code: HT5758.2

Color: Viriety of colors as per pantone book

Size: Dia13xH6 cm

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    HT5758.2 Vietnam lacquered coconut bowls with firework

    HT5758.2 Vietnam lacquered coconut bowls with firework

     Ha Thai lacquer factory can offer  variously colored bowls made of bamboo, coconut, mother of pearl and eggshell inlaid with  unique shape and style. Crafted from 100% organically grown bamboo or coconut, the artistic design of this large bamboo bowl is both chic and practical. Great for salads, fruits, breads and chips. Mix and match our colorful bamboo bowls to create a unique look for every occasion.

    Ha Thai lacquer Coconut bowl:

    HT5758.2 Vietnam lacquered coconut bowls with firework

    Currently, coconut water becomes the hot new health drink, then coconut bowls are the hot new home accessories

    These unique and beautiful bowls are hand carved from coconut shells in Vietnam. The outside is roughly polished to expose the textures and patterns of the coconut shell while the inside is lacquered in durable colours. These beautiful coconut bowls are lacquered and inlaid with different patterns: some of them with mother of pearl or eggshell mosaics, some are silver leaf lacquered, some only lacquered with variety of colors. They are so versatile they can be used for just about anything – from serving food to storing jewellery – and they’re pretty enough to have on display!

    More products at link: http://lacquerhomevn.com/product-category/table-wares/





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