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These natural engraved coconut bowls
are handmade
Great for Vegan, Acai, snacks
and chips,
Made of reclaimed coconut shell,
each piece is hand finished
by Vietnamese artisans
Natural engraved coconut bowls Check More >
Lacquer boxes This beautiful item is in the range
of our Home wares. Each pc is hand finished
by skillful Vietnamese artisans.
Check More > Vietnam lacquer wood box
Decor items These beautiful vases are ideal for displaying
dry flowers and decorative branches.
A beautiful way to update your home
décor, this vase is a statement piece.
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Tray collection The unmatched versatility and design in our serving trays
will become a quick favorite in your home.
Whether its breakfast in bed, serving from counter to table,...
these bamboo trays are easy to use and delightful to look at
Check More > Vietnam lacquered wood tray
Bowl collection Our lacquer bamboo bowl collection is perfect for
all of your dining and entertaining needs.
Beautifully designed in eye-catching colors and
unique finishes, our bowls will brighten up your home décor.
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Striking free-form shape and luxuriously vibrant finishes
radiate energy in the lacquer sculpture,
Made of fiber wood, each piece is hand finished
by Vietnamese artisans
Lacquer sculptures Check More >

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