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Company profile

History of establishment:

Ha Thai lacquer Cooperative was founded in 2001 and located in today’s Thuong Tin District, Ha Noi Capital. In the early days, the Cooperative mainly specialized in indirectly exporting (through trading companies) the handicrafts manufactured by Ha Thai lacquer village – a famous and long-standing craft village in Vietnam with more than 200 years of establishment and development. With a desire to expand and develop more and more into export markets, in 2014, the Cooperative was incorporated into a limited liability company named Ha Thai Bamboo lacquer production export Co.,LTD.

Main business activities:

Ha Thai Bamboo lacquer production export Co., LTD has been a good manufacturer and exporter dealing with many kinds of Vietnam’s traditional handicraft products and art articles made of Vietnam’s natural materials such as bamboo, MDF, resin, cardboard, paper, etc. for the molds and lacquer, bamboo, eggshell, mother of pearl, etc.as the materials for the production and finishing processes.

Our factory has been cooperating with some traditional handicraft villages throughout the North of Vietnam, mainly in Hanoi for the molding and filling processes of attractive items finished at our factory with good standard quality. Such villages as Ha Thai lacquer village, Cat Dang coiled bamboo village, Chuyen My mother of pearl and eggshell inlaid village, etc. attract hundreds of skilled artisans at local areas, who devote all their enthusiasm and use their skilful hands to make the unique products.

During the production process for all of our products, quality control is done carefully and strictly after every step, only when the quality is accepted it comes to next step. Firstly, with traditional and modern methods, we exam and treat materials such as MDF (Medium Density Fibrewood) and bamboo against curvy, broken and insects and put the materials in low humidity areas. With such materials, our skillful workers start making products following several specific processes which have different traditional formula.

After accomplishing main processes, such as the molding and filling process at the craft villages, the products undergo an investigation process by Quality control staffs of Ha Thai Bamboo lacquer production export Co.,LTD. Only when the products comply with the strict standards, they are carried to the factory at Ha Thai village for the finishing stages such as fixing, painting, finishing and then careful packing, strict quality double-check of the products and then are shipped to customers.

Most importantly, thanks to a dynamic, creative and experienced team of market researchers and designers, we have always kept up with the model orientation in the market and clients’ requirements. Thus, we have been exporting not only the traditional items which are of features of Vietnamese oriental culture but also meet the requirements of customers, especially those in mid-high segment, with exclusive designs.

– Product ranges:

We offer an eclectic and ever-evolving selection of products – the best handicrafts and the most eternal home furnishings in Vietnam ranging from Home decorative items, Kitchen and bath accessories to Gifts and hotel accessories. For these unique, sustainable and good quality products, we have been obtained very good comments from our customers in homeland & overseas markets.

Moreover, in order to expand to meet the needs of our customers, our collection continues to grow and diversify from year to year.You can refer at our website https://lacquerhomevn.com/ for updated information about our new

Decor items: vases, boxes, sculpture, hand-painting, photo frames, mirror frames, planter pot, lacquer furniture, lamps, wall panels, planters, etc.

Table wares: bowls, serving trays, cutlery trays, dip and chip trays, napkin holders, charger plates, placemats, bread and fruit baskets, wine caddies, coasters,  etc.

Gifts and Hotel accessories: boxes, jewelry boxes, cabinets, wine holders, bathroom sets, waste baskets,  customized gifts.

Development strategy:

Ha Thai Co., LTD. is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) committed to provide our partners – both importers, wholesales and resellers – with not only creative and customer-made design ideas and good quality products made from food-safematerials, but also with nice package, on time delivery, competitive price and kind service to every customer. We always dedicate our enthusiasm, time and efforts for 100% customer satisfaction as our main purposes. Consequently up till now, our products have been accepted and highly evaluated by all strict clients in the market.

Besides, we also commit ourselves to continuously create higher working condition and living standard for our workers and local people, strictly implement the labor safety, protect the environment and approach a sustainable development capacity as our advantage over other competitors.

We are really proud to have achieved the rigorous standards of quality control and factory inspection.

Ha Thai Bamboo lacquer production export Co.,Ltd always welcomes and highly appreciates any of your valuable co-operations. Please kindly let us know your specific lacquer needs and requirements. We are happy to serve you and your business.

Welcome you to join us!

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Add: Lot 13, Ha Thai village, Duyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin district, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Website: https://lacquerhomevn.com/

Email: sales@lacquerhomevn.com

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