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HT9021 wood lacquer wine bottle stand with hand painting

Lacquered wood wine bottle holder

Our simply wood lacquer balancing wine bottle holder with hand painting is perfect for displaying your vintage bottle of wine! Curved to hold the bottle in the right position. Give it to your wine-lover friends for holidays or special occasions.

Item code: HT9021

Color: Viriety of colors as per pantone book

Size: 27x5cm

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    HT9021 wood lacquer wine bottle stand with hand painting

    HT9021 wood lacquer wine bottle stand with hand painting

    HA THAI BAMBOO LACQUER CO.,LTD manufactures and distributes home decorations, accessories and gifts, offering clients exclusive handmade items of the highest quality.

    Ha Thai Bamboo Lacquer Production Export co., ltd, is a professional company operating on the handmade products market. Established in 2001, the company has offices in Ha Noi, Vietnam and specializes in the manufacturing of handmade décor items, gifts and accessories. They sell unique products made in the Ha Thai lacquer village, where crafts have been practiced for centuries and which has inspired the home décor industry with genuine motifs and beautiful designs. Ha Thai Bamboo Lacquer sells a wide variety of products ranging from home and garden decorations and table wear to gifts and accessories. Having worked with numerous businesses in Vietnam and abroad, the provider is well known for its stunning collection of bamboo plates and bowls, mirrors, jewelry boxes and tea trays. Clients can rest assured that all these items are made with the highest quality, locally sourced materials and stand out through unique designs.

    Ha Thai Bamboo Lacquer is the perfect choice for those who reject generic, low quality and lackluster mass-market items. All the products sold by this company are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Ha Thai lacquer village, where this craft is until this day passed on from generation to generation. They are not only beautiful home and garden décor ideas, but also cultural items that instill a sense of history and tradition. Whether you want to buy a bamboo pot or a tea tray, the company’s catalogue offers many beautiful options that you can choose. Feel free to visit their website, lacquerhomevn dot com to download a free catalogue and check all their product categories.

    The quality and designs of their items have triggered the interest of many local businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, whose managers want to provide unique décor for clients. The company can deliver larger orders consisting of bathroom sets, wine holders, lacquer vases and other such products. Attention to detail can be seen in every object from Ha Thai Bamboo Lacquer Production Export co., ltd, from the smallest bamboo tea tray to the most majestic and luxurious sculpture. Although bamboo is the most widely used material, some products combine materials, textures and colors in an innovative way. For example, a lacquer jewelry box can be made of bamboo, but have a gorgeous mother of pear or lacquer finish with dainty faux suede inserts and drawings of Asian fans of insects. With their timeless beauty, they can be purchased by for many stores and always be welcome with great interest. Ha Thai Bamboo Lacquer Production Export co., ltd is committed to offering high quality standards as well as product variety. New decorations are added regularly, so that clients can always find beautiful, sustainable and genuine items made through traditional and eco-friendly techniques.

    To find out more about Ha Thai lacquer village, please visit http://lacquerhomevn.com/ or use the contact details below

    Contact Name:  Susan Nguyen

    Company name: Ha Thai bamboo lacquer production export Co.,Ltd

    Exact Address:  Lot13, Ha Thai lacquer village, Duyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Phone no: 84439991276


    lacquer vases – http://lacquerhomevn.com/product-category/decor-items/vases/

    bamboo plates and bowls – http://lacquerhomevn.com/product-category/table-wares/bowls/

    bamboo tea tray – http://lacquerhomevn.com/product-category/table-wares/trays/

    lacquer jewelry box – http://lacquerhomevn.com/product-category/gifts-and-hotel-accessories/customized-boxes/







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