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  • HT1034.3
  • HT1034.1 Dia20xH36cm, Curved bamboo decor vase
  • HT1034 Dia20xH36cm

HT1034.2 Vietnam coiled bamboo table decor vases

This Vietnam spun bamboo decor vase range is ideal for displaying dry flowers and decorative branches. A beautiful way to update your home décor, this vase is a statement piece.

Product Dimension:

Item No. HT1034.2
Material: bamboo

Color: At request

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    HT1034.2 Vietnam coiled bamboo table decor vases

    HT1034.2 Vietnam coiled bamboo table decor vases

    Decorate your house using handicraft products- HT1034.2 Vietnam coiled bamboo table decor vases

    Benefits of handmade decorations

    In a world more and more dominated by business and technological development, people all around the world seem to be eager to buy products belonging to international brands. These are made in huge companies of the manufacturing industry which use late hour devices, and are most of the times found in specialized decoration stores. On the other hand, there are also smaller boutiques on the market where you can find handcraft decorations, most of the times made of natural materials such as plant fibres, textiles or moldable (bamboo, mother pf pearl or clay). These are artisanal objects, and those who make them are skilful men who use simple tools, operated manually. These have become very popular in the past years, and many people strive to buy a lacquer vases or a lamp made by a gifted person who does this for a living. Most of the times, these men make an amazing job and the items seem so neat that you cannot even tell that the objects have been done without the use of an automated device or sophisticated tools, only through traditional techniques.

    The results are not only extremely beautiful, but also very useful for those who purchase them. The main benefit of crafted decorations is that they combine perfectly the aesthetic element with utility. A tray, for instance, can be considered an ornamental item, if you are creative enough and you put books or vases on it and it can also be used to serve tea or sweets. Besides being beautiful and unique, they also encourage their owners to be creative and combine all sorts of things: small statues, lamps, plates, planters and even mirrors or paintings. Let your imagination fly and make innovative combinations, and your house will look original and joyful. Handicraft decorations will bring a natural touch to your interior and are suitable to almost any style, so whether you have a rustic or a minimalist living room, these are the perfect choice. For a traditional result, choose wooden and bamboo plates and bowls, while mother of pearl and glass are ideal for a simplistic design.

    Another benefit of handcraft objects is that the materials they are made of a reusable. Most of the times, the things you consider domestic waste, such as paper or cardboard are transformed into genuine artworks by some talented people, and if you are skilful enough you can learn to do some yourself. Raw material can be found everywhere around the house, so all you have to do is be creative and inspire yourself from the work of those who do this for a living. You will be surprized how many things you can do with empty bottles or old newspapers. Besides the aesthetic effect, purchasing handmade products encourages small business and manufacturers. Some people do not sell their objects in specialized stores, because they do not have enough money to start a business. They display their work in markets, fairs or public events, and buying from them encourages their work and rewards their efforts.

    Handmade objects – a form of creativity

    Natural materials used for handmade decorations

    Interior design is no longer dominated by products made in the manufacturing industry, because most people nowadays prefer to buy handmade objects. These have the advantage of being original (and sometimes even unique) and beautiful and are made by extremely skilful people. If you are creative enough, you should know that raw material is very easy to find: you can use almost anything you have around the house. Handicraft means creating a beautiful object from available things, so there is a wide variety of raw material out there.

    For instance, wood is a popular material that gifted manufacturers use to make small objects such as bamboo tea tray, lamps, statues or vases, but also larger pieces of furniture like chairs, benches and lounges. These items are perfectly suitable to a countryside house but also to a home decorated using a traditional style. On the other hand, glass and mother of pearl are the perfect choice for a modern, minimalist style. These are transformed in crystalline vases or pearly plates, extremely stylish and sophisticated. Handicrafts are in great demand nowadays, and using them as decorations represents a popular trend as far as interior design is concerned. Their increasing popularity is due not only to their aesthetic role, but also to the fact that they are affordable and easy to find.

    Purchase the most original decorations

    Where can you buy handmade objects?

    In the past years, it seems that interior design is dominated by handmade decorations – not only because they are original and beautiful, but also because they are very affordable. The market has been invaded by sculptures, wooden pieces of furniture, or mother of pearl trays, and people would do anything to have those in their homes. If you are skilful enough, you could try to do these by yourself, but if not, you should know that they can be easily found on the market.

    To begin with, you could start looking for these decorative objects in small boutiques or local fairs. Some manufacturers are not involved in a large business, but they present their work in markets or traditional events, so here is where you can find the most innovative items. However, there are also dedicated companies, such as HA THAI BAMBOO LACQUER CO.,LTD, where you can find the most beautiful decorations. We have a large variety of products, from lacquer jewelry box to mirrors, trays and planters, and all of these are made of natural materials, such as eggshell, mother of pearl or bamboo. The company is based in Thuong Tin, Ha Noi, Vietnam, but in case you are interested, you can visit their official page and see their products. Handmade objects are not only neat, but also comfortable and eco-friendly, since they are made of natural and reusable materials. We will make your house look fresh and will not affect your budget, because they are very affordable.

    Vide description

    HA THAI BAMBOO LACQUER CO.,LTD is a dedicated company, offering their clients the most beautiful and original handmade decorating objects. The company is located in Thuong Tin, Ha Noi, Vietnam, and the team of skilful manufacturers use only natural materials for their products: mother of pearl, coiled bamboo, lacquer and eggshell.

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    Additional Information

    Weight 14 kg
    Dimensions 33 x 33 x 23 cm


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