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  • HT3603 Lacquer metallic sculpture Vietnam


Striking free-form shape and luxuriously vibrant finishes radiate energy in the lacquer sculpture, Made of poly-resin with mother of pearl, each piece is hand finished by Vietnamese artisans.

Lacquerware (including lacquer sculpture)  is the most significant contribution in Asia to the world in fine art. Vietnamese lacquerware originated from the artisans of  Ha Thai village in Hanoi, Vietnam more than 200 years ago. Its characteristic is a smooth and glossy surface with a beautiful deep sheen. Obtaining the lacquer and crafting lacquer wares is a process that requires patience, ingenuity to decorate furniture or any accessories, such as sculptures, trays, vases, bowls, boxes and lamps. Producing lacquer ware involves different craftspeople, from the ones making the molds to the ones applying, sand-washing and polishing the lacquer and finally to the ones decorating it.  It takes so long time to have a completed product.

Material: Mother of pearl, Poly-resin, Fiber glass


Color: Black, yellow, brown, red, metallic

Item code: HT3600

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