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  • HT3600 Vietnam red lacquer sculpture
  • HT3603 Silver lacquer sculpture

HT3601Vietnam metallic lacquer sculpture

Striking free-form shape and luxuriously vibrant finishes radiate energy in the lacquer sculpture, Made of fiber wood, each piece is hand finished by Vietnamese artisans.

Material: Mother of pearl, eggshell, bamboo
Size: 45x17cm
Color: Black, yellow, brown, red
Item code: HT3601

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    HT3601Vietnam metallic lacquer sculpture

    HT3601Vietnam metallic lacquer sculpture

    Main business activities:

    Ha Thai Bamboo lacquer production export Co., LTD has been a good manufacturer and exporter dealing with many kinds of Vietnam’s traditional handicraft products and art articles made of Vietnam’s natural materials such as bamboo, MDF, resin, cardboard, paper, etc. for the molds and lacquer, bamboo, eggshell, mother of pearl, etc.as the materials for the production and finishing processes.

    Our factory has been cooperating with some traditional handicraft villages throughout the North of Vietnam, mainly in Hanoi for the molding and filling processes of attractive items finished at our factory with good standard quality. Such villages as Ha Thai lacquer village, Cat Dang coiled bamboo village, Chuyen My mother of pearl and eggshell inlaid village, etc. attract hundreds of skilled artisans at local areas, who devote all their enthusiasm and use their skilful hands to make the unique products.

    During the production process for all of our products, quality control is done carefully and strictly after every step, only when the quality is accepted it comes to next step. Firstly, with traditional and modern methods, we exam and treat materials such as MDF (Medium Density Fibrewood) and bamboo against curvy, broken and insects and put the materials in low humidity areas. With such materials, our skillful workers start making products following several spe

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