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HT7013 bamboo bread tray

Best quality hand finished Vietnamese lacquer bamboo fruit and bread baskets in various designs, colors, etc

Material: lacquer, bamboo, mother of pearl, eggshell

Dimension: 28x21xH3.5, 21x16xH3 cm

Color: red, green, white, cherry, orange

Item code: HT7013

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    HT7013  bamboo bread tray

    HT7013 bamboo bread tray

    Best quality hand finished Vietnamese lacquer bamboo fruit and bread baskets in various designs, colors, etc

    Cat Dang Bamboo Village


    Cat Dang Hamlet, Yen Tien Commune, Y Yen District, Nam Dinh Province is a famous coiled bamboo lacquer village established in the 11th century. Founded by two mandarins under the Dinh dynasty, Cat Dang is a famous traditional lacquer ware village contributing numerous interior products for mausoleums and the Imperial Palace in Hue and Hanoi. Cat Dang is also a cradle of an illustrious craft in Vietnam: coiled (or spun) bamboo wares.

    Production ranges:

    A lot of products for home decoration, kitchen accessories, bath accessories such as stools and tables, decor vases, bowls trays and plates which reflect the soul of Cat Dang people have made deep impression in foreign consumers and continue to develop in the variety with the use of ecofriendly natural materials Luong-Dendrocalamus Membraneceus, Buong-Gigantochloa Levis, Tre Gai-Bambusa Bambos, and Nua-Neuhouzeaua. These bamboo materials are light, strong, soft and cheap, therefore it is gradually replaced traditional wooden materials.

    The village products not only become favourite products of domestic consumers but also attract many international tourists. Importers from the US, Japan, France, UK and Germany highly appreciate those products..

    Production Processes:

    It is not easy to make such “illustrious” coiled bamboo wares. Villagers have to select the right neohouzeaura (a kind of bamboo) not too young, nor too old; then the material must be soaked in water at least six months to prevent insects and for durability. Then the material is split, splints are polished and bent into requested styles, and marble powder and glue are spread to ensure no gaps between splints. Next is a drying process, then grinding for a suitable thickness and a smooth surface.

    Product decoration is an art of a superb implementation, a painting art for creating vignettes or various decorative colors. The main material for painting is polyurethane, water-based paint with some production units using natural paints such as Vietnamese lacquer or cashew nut as well. According to master craftsmen in the village, paint preparation and spraying are the most difficult stages. Secrets of the trade are maintained in these stages. Many apprentices from other regions come to Cat Dang but the results of their painting technique aren’t comparable with those of Cat Dang villagers. Notably, Cat Dang villagers have a secret treatment to preclude deterioration because of rain; their coats of paint will not fade while others must wait for the sun to re-paint. Many master craftsmen of Cat Dang village have opened vocational training in different regions, and they are famous throughout as the supreme talents of Cat Dang village.

    After many carefully-controlled and elaborate steps at households in Cat Dang village, the nearly-accomplished products will undergo a process of fixing, checking the quality and packaging at Ha Thai Co.,LTD. workshop. The finished product will meet the needs of customers and just wait for exporting abroad.

    Although passed through a number of ups and downs, the talent and creativity of Cat Dang villagers continued shining consistently in the cooperation with Ha Thai bamboo lacquer Co., LTD. Lacquer wares of coiled bamboo with outstanding properties such as lighter, cheaper, and better quality product have attracted many customers and been exported to many countries. Thanks to the support of Ha Thai Co.,LTD., the village products have been introduced to the US , EU importers and have taken part in exhibitions and fairs within and outside the country.


    To choose more about mother of pearl and eggshell product ranges for quote or samples, pls see through our website: https://lacquerhomevn.com/ or contact us with information below:


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