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  • HT9027.2 lacquer wine holder stand in eggshell
  • HT9027 lacquered wood wine holder for promotions
  • HT9026 lacquered wood wine holder stand

HT9026 lacquered wood wine holder stand

Vietnam lacquer wine holder stand – hotel or bar accessories

Our simply lacquer wine holder is perfect for displaying your vintage bottle of wine! Curved to hold the bottle in the right position. Give it to your wine-lover friends for holidays or special occasions.

Item code: HT9026

Color: Viriety of colors as per pantone book

Size: 27x5cm

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    HT9026 lacquered wood wine holder stand

    HT9026 lacquered wood wine holder stand

    HT9026 lacquered wood wine holder stand

    Our lacquer wine holder stand is fully handmade by Vietnamese articians with so huge ambitions on it.

    Made in Vietnam.

    Contemporary functionality meets the traditional lacquer ware art.

    Employing age-old craft of lacquer process, artisans from Vietnam create these beautiful decorative wine bottle holders.

    This beautiful wine bottle holder , in various colors is a perfect gift for any wine connoisseur. The fantastically innovative design has been carefully created so that the hole is in just the right place to ensure that once a bottle is inserted, the wine will be held steadily at the perfect angle. Storing your wine like this can help to ensure that the delicate flavors of the wine are spread throughout the whole bottle, so that you will be able to enjoy the wine just as the maker intended.

    If color block is your thing, you will like this two tone green and black or mixed color Wine  Bottle Holder. Its clean design and modern look has always been our customers’ favorite and it is not hard to see why. The bottom and sides are painted in lacquer black and the top part is in beautiful lacquer green.

    More products at link: https://lacquerhomevn.com/product-category/table-wares/





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