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HT9919 Vietnam lacquer jam box for Chinese New Year

This beautiful wood lacquer candy tray is ideal for candy and jam, marmalade, gingerjam .

HT9919 Vietnam lacquer jam box for Chinese New Year for Chinese New Year , made in Vietnam


–  Handmade crafts with eco-friendly material

– Non-toxic,non-irritation,flexible,can be  mass-produced,lightweight.

– Material: MDF/ lacquer

– Dimension:  30x30x8 cm

– Design: more styles, color or as per request

– Convenient to carry as the raw material is lightweight.

– Different shape, size, color are available.

– Usage: food, salad, fruit or home decoration bamboo bowl, etc.

–  Payment: 30% deposit and the balance after the shipment within 10 days

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    HT9919 Vietnam lacquer jam box for Chinese New Year

    HT9919 Vietnam lacquer jam box for Chinese New Year

    HT9919 Vietnam lacquer jam box for Chinese New Year for gift with various styles and colors will offer the best gifts for your family, friends and beloved the best Mid-Autum fastival or Christmas holiday.

    Vietnam handicraft products: Vietnamese people have used natural resin extracted from lacquer trees to produce lacquer products to serve everyday life for thousands of years and many lacquer products such as bamboo vases, bamboo furniture, bamboo bowls or trays, have been found in some special places where the tombs are.  The art of lacquerware was handed down from generation to generation as a family secret .

    Today, Vietnamese lacquerware is fully handmade in one lacquer village in Ha Noi called Ha Thai village.  Lacquer resin comes from lacquer trees found growing mostly in the North of Vietnam.  When first extracted from a tree, the lacquer is a white, condensed like milk then turning brown in the air as it oxidises, and gradually becoming black when dried.  Mixed with a solvent it becomes clear and hard when dried.  Each piece of Vietnamese lacquerware usually goes through 20 stages, the process itself takes no less than 60 days, regardless of whether the end product is a large vase or a small decor vase.

    Additional Information

    Weight 14 kg
    Dimensions 33 x 33 x 23 cm


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